Recently, I reported on the French custom garage Jambon-Beurre Motorcycle, run by partners Benjamin Cochard and Antonin Guidicci. They were bitten by the e-Bike bug two years ago, and created a sublime one-off e-Tracker. As Cochard told me, they’ve been working on a proper production-friendly model, and here it is with a new name: Gloria.  The team has expanded with industrial designer Vincent Graviére as a third partner, and the concept has evolved from the raw punch of the Jambon-Buerre into an appealing urban commuter, with the concept of being a fully customizable machine via an online visualizing system, with delivery to your door.

Homologated like a 125cc motorcycle, you can drive it with a regular car license. Acceleration is closer to a 300cc than a 125cc. A 100 km range and 120 km/h max speed [Antonin Guidicci]
How did you evolve from Jambon-Beurre, a custom garage to Gloria, future mass production manufacturer?

After a 10-minute run on our friend’s BMW electric scooter, we came back to the workshop with only one idea in mind: put this crazy technology into a cool body! We immediately fell in love with a magic mix of high power, high torque, constant push and silence. It makes you feel a new kind of freedom that a gas-powered bike cannot brings you. You feel like driving a Star Wars race ship in the city. It’s pure magic.

Problem is that electric high power technology and old school mechanicals are two different worlds! That is how we met the guys from Pymco, a French startup specializing in electric power management.

Together, we started to think about how could we mix ideas to put in the same bike, combining the savage spirit of `70s and `80s motorcycles, with the great modern electric power technology and the colorful street style inspired by the `90s kids that we love so much ?

The Gloria e-Bike is designed for new riders who want to customize the look and get around town in style [Antonin Guidicci]
We also realized that our style and communication was reaching people that are not the usual motorcycle target market. Sixty percent were women (only 13 percent in the current market), mostly urban dwellers, and most of them had never owned a motorcycle before. The idea of creating a real motorcycle brand came as a result. A brand designed to dust off the current motorcycle market that still work like it did 30 years ago.

So here is Gloria. Inspired by digitally native vertical brands, Gloria is the first fully customizable electric motorcycle.

The Jambon-Beurre e-Tracker that set the stage for Gloria [Antonin Guidicci]
What can you tell me about the bike you’ve cooked up?

Homologated like a 125cc motorcycle, you can drive it with a regular car license. But the acceleration is closer to a 300cc than a 125cc. With a 100 km range and 120 km/h max speed, Gloria is perfect for urban/suburban condition and riding it is as simple as riding a scooter.

No more dealership with 30 bikes aligned in the shop window, all the same, and a fat guy with a tie telling you to buy the one with the best margin.

Gloria is the first digital pure player of the motorcycle history. Go online, customize your dream motorcycle and we deliver it to your home. Wanna change the look of your bike? Just go back online anytime and make the modification on the app. It automatically plans an appointment with our services and we update it right to your tastes.

With Gloria, you don’t look for a perfect bike for you anymore; you just create the bike that fits you. And as the customization is done by the manufacturer itself, it’s fully legal on the road, which is very new in the custom motorcycle world.

We are still raising funds to finish the development and launch the production. First sales are planned for 2020.


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