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Run Time: 1:30:00
Producer: HLA Productions, Night Train Media, Salon Pictures
Director: Justin Stokes
Writer: Ray Battersby (based on the book ‘Codeword Berlin’), Justin Stokes (story)
Key Cast: James G. Nunn, Alan Wai, Aliona Baranova


Ten years in the making, the film is the work of director Justin Stokes a TV commercials director and school friend of the son of the main Suzuki man Jimmy Matsumiya, and producer Mike Wells. Missile from the East premiered on Sky Documentaries in the UK, and is now available on streaming in some countries. Premiering exactly sixty years after MZ racer Ernst Degner defected to the West this new drama documentary was a collaboration between HLA, Nighttrain Media and Salon Pictures the producers of 2018 doc McQueen on the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen.


Missile from the East follows the true story of Ernst Degner, a champion East German motorcycle racer who risked his and his family’s life to escape from behind the Iron Curtain, taking ground-breaking engine technology with him that helped Japanese manufacturer Suzuki win its first Grand Prix championship.

Trivia: An iconic MZ works 125cc GP bike designed by Walter Kaaden was used in some of the recreation shots – on loan from The Sammy Miller Museum.



Watch the fULL FILM on TV+, Amazon and NOWTV.



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