Hello, dear readers and riders! Welcome to the first installment of our EV news roundup series for the month of October. This week, we’ll cover Tesla’s strange humanoid robot, a new sci-fi e-Scooter, and New York’s push to ban gas vehicles. If you see anything interesting you’d like us to cover, shoot us an email at stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.


Bandit9 Unveils a Sci-Fi e-Scooter

The Nano is the latest kickass design from Bandit9, this time in the form of an eScooter. [Bandit9]
Designer Darryl Villanueva and his Vietnam-based vehicle company Bandit9 have been featured on The Vintagent and included in our Petersen Museum exhibits in the past, as Villanueva’s skills are world class.  From futuristic lightweight Honda clones to EV cars looking like F1 refugees, Bandit9 consistently moves the needle forward on anything they touch.  The latest project on two wheels is a sci-fi-inspired e-Scooter. Called the Nano, the futuristic scoot features a robust frame crafted from Rolex steel and a sleek, metallic sheen. Created for city dwellers, the scooter is available in two different models and has a 60-mile range.

Meet a Four-Wheeled e-Scooter

The Dragonfly is stable without gyros…with four wheels, is it a standup car? [Dragonfly]
A new four-wheeled e-Scooter recently hit the market. Called the Dragonfly, the scoot is touted as the “world’s first hyperscooter.”  Made of carbon fiber and aluminum, with 10″ tires and 4-wheel independent suspension, the Dragonfly weighs 40lbs and folds up flat.  With 3 ride modes from a handlebar display, top speed is reckoned to be 30mph in Mode 3…but we reckon hackers will pump up the volume on that in short order.  After all, we’ve seen 70mph standup eScooters before…can this be even quicker?

One EV Is on Its Way to Pre-Production While Another Drags Its Feet

The Faraday is on its way, with over 1000hp on tap – quite the fam wagon! [Faraday]
The long-anticipated electric crossover from Faraday Future is finally on its way to pre-production. Called the FF91, the EV promises to churn out 1050 ponies and has a range of just under 400 miles, thanks to its impressive 130kWh battery.

Lordstown’s groovy ePickup is on hold while they raise funds. Go for the commercial market, folks, to secure a financial pipeline. Just sayin’. [Lordstown]
Another company isn’t so lucky. Ohio-based EV truck maker Lordstown still needs to raise the funds to build the remainder of its Endurance electric pickups. While the company plans to release 50 trucks by the end of the year, the remaining 500 vehicles are on hold until further notice.


Charge Cars to Debut the Charge ’67 at the Petersen Museum

The Charge ’67 is surely an electric Bullitt, shooting silently across our urban streets. Will the remake be silent? [Charge]
London-based EV-maker Charge Cars recently announced that it will be debuting its electric AWD carbon fiber modernized 1967 Mustang, the Charge ’67, at the Petersen Museum in LA later this month as part of its US launch. Production is limited to just 499 vehicles. The Charge ’67 can go from 0-62mph in under four seconds, cranks out 536hp and 1120 lb.-ft. of torque, and features a Ford-licensed bodyshell, custom suspension, and AC Racing brakes. “We are delighted to be in Los Angeles with our partners to celebrate the launch of the Charge ’67 in the United States. It’s the ideal destination for our technology, design and performance, which has come to life in such an exciting way,” said Vadim Shagaleev, CEO of Charge Cars.


Yamaha Bicycles Releases All-Mount e-Bike Models

No trail is impossible with super-sophisticated technical assistance. Yamaha’s new eMTB is all that. [Yamaha]
Yamaha Bicycles recently announced the addition of two YDX-MORO models to its e-Bike lineup. Called the YDX-MORO 07 and YDX-MORO 05 models, the bikes are outfitted with a PW-X3 drive system that boasts a max torque of 85Nm, while ensuring 250W nominal assist, 500W maximum assist, and power assist up to 20mph. The bike’s Automatic Support Mode gives the right amount of assist based on riding conditions, allowing riders to conquer any obstacle on the trail. “The PW-X3 drive unit is 10% lighter and 20% smaller, while producing more torque and the most ‘Pure Ride’ feeling of any e-MTB on the market,” stated Drew Engelmann, Sales and Marketing Manager at Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles.


New York Aims to Ban New Gas Vehicles by 2035

It’s happening on the streets of NYC already: it’s hard to find a gas station in Manhattan, but EV chargers will be everywhere…

Not wishing to be outdone by California, the Empire State recently adopted a plan to phase out the sale of new gas trucks and cars by 2035. The plan will require 35% of light vehicle sales in the state to be zero-emissions by 2026. This percentage will increase to 68% by 2030, and then to 100% by the target year.


A Human Tesla

In the ‘fuck that!’ category of true Halloween stories, Tesla’s ethically challenged CEO builds an AI version of himself, for his own clone army and eventual takeover of Mars. Amirite? [Tesla]
Leave it to Elon to turn the terrors of The Terminator into reality. Earlier this week, the Tesla CEO unveiled a humanoid robot prototype during the company’s AI Day. Called Optimus—really, Tesla?!—the robot uses software derived from Tesla’s cars to move itself and is powered by a 2.3kWh battery. According to various sources, the robot can be used to tackle tasks you don’t want to do yourself, including office work and gardening. If you want your own creepy robot servant, it’ll cost you around $20,000.  No guarantees it will not kill errant children or motorcyclists.


Fresh Funds 

  • The global battery materials market is forecast to cross $120B by 2027
  • Euler Motors raised $60M in series-C funding led by GIC Singapore to beef up its manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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