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The Mysterious ‘Mark 6’

The existence, or non-existence, of the Velocette Mark 6 KTT has puzzled...

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‘Kesh Angels

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Book Review: Charles Burki

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Catsuits, Boilersuits, and Racing Suits

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Test Ride: MV Masterwork

Thrashing Shinya Kimura’s MV Agusta 750 Custom in the Hills of Azuza

1910 Sex Scandal! Jake De Rosier’s Teen Lover

In 1910, Jake De Rosier was the most famous motorcycle racer in the world. ...

100 Years After the ‘Indian Summer’, Part 4: Oliver Godfrey

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‘Crazy’ George Disteel and the Vincent Hoard

George Disteel tried to buy and hide every Vincent in Northern California,...



Comedian, Actor, Philanthropist and Television Host

I think my favorite Vintagent story is the piece about the Blue Bike and Marty Dickerson; it’s about a working class guy trying to make something happen, a human story, not just about the motorcycles themselves.  I’ve talked with Marty before, and of course I have a lot of Vincent memorabilia, like a bunch of Rollie Free’s trophies.

I also like the road test of the 3-wheel Brough Superior, as it’s the only account I’ve read of someone actually riding the thing! There are all these crazy stories from the day about George Brough riding one backwards around Piccadilly Circus, but those stories are 80 years ago!


Road Test: the New Brough Superior SS100

Road Test of the new Brough Superior SS101 on the twisting coastal roads...

The Blue Bike

Marty Dickerson Created the Vincent Legend in America

Road Test: 1930 Brough Superior-Austin Four

Impressive, beautiful, and certainly unusual

The Vintagent Original: Model X

Test riding a 1934 Matchless Model X, an Art Deco-inspired masterpiece. Paul d'Orléans roars across the Golden Gate Bridge, over Mt Tamalpais, to Tomales Bay, and discusses the pleasures of vintage motorcycles.

The Vintagent Original: The Black Falcon

The Black Falcon is the most revered custom motorcycle in recent years. This film helps explain why, via a demonstration of its ingenious and unique technical features.

The Vintagent Original: Neander

Paul d'Orleans rides Ernst Neumann-Neander's masterpiece through the Bavarian countryside, with discussion on why old motorcycles are so compelling