The Current News: June 10, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Welcome to the final EV news roundup of June. Much like this weekend’s Fourth of July firework shows, this roundup is pretty explosive.

Before we dive right in, we wanted to let you know about the exciting new film we recently dropped exploring the gorgeous designs and innovations of Curtiss Motorcycles. Be sure to have a look and let us know your thoughts.

'The Opposite of Death' explores the thinking behind Curtiss Motors' 'The 1' [Curtiss]
This week’s roundup includes some awesome EV projects from Oxford Brookes University Formula Design Student team, Max Chilton’s explosive record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and one cool scoot. Please send your tips, tricks, and thoughts to Let’s roll.


A Lightning-Fast Time Record in an EV

The McMurty Automotive Fan Car blew away the competition at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and set a new course record. [Classic Driver]
Racecar driver Max Chilton was up to some pretty exciting stuff this week. He set a 39.08 speed record in the McMurtry Automotive 1,000hp, 2,2200lb Electric Fan Car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now, that’s one fast EV. Watch the video here.


UK Students Develop EV Racecars

After 20 years of designing internal-combustion cars, the students of Oxford Brookes University have turned their attention to a racing EV. [OBU]
On the other side of the pond, the Oxford Brookes University Formula Design Student team is up to some pretty neat stuff. After 20 years of developing combustion-powered cars, the students are now designing EVs. Their innovative concept is based around a 4WD in-hub motor configuration with AMK AC servo motors that are seamlessly mated to a compact epicyclic gearbox. The design can crank out over 300Nm of torque at each wheel. The 600V 6.6kW-hr battery pack uses LCO pouch cells with peak power outputs of 130kW. An open-controls platform and advanced vehicle controls unleash the EV’s true power and potential. “We want to stay relevant to what is currently happening in the market and to keep engineers ahead of the curve. We see the potential that electrical powertrains have. It gives us a competitive edge over everyone still using fossil fuels,” Ole Ramming, a member of the team, said. We wish the students luck in their upcoming competition!


Plan B’s Stunning Revamp of the Zero FX

The Blackbird by Plan B is a very cool revamp of the Zero F/X. [Plan B]
While we touched on this gorgeous bike in one of our past roundups, we wanted to take a deeper dive into Christian Moretti’s Blackbird. The Italian builder is no stranger to daring design. Founder of Plan Be Motorcycles, Moretti recently dropped his stealthy version of the Zero FX. Dubbed the SR-71 Blackbird, the iconic electric dirtbike is wrapped in rich black hand-crafted bodywork. With the swooping curves of a sportbike and all the simplicity of a cafe, the Blackbird was “ink coated” by Paint Republic Vignale. The loud rumbling of the bike is due to the fan speed being controlled by the throttle. The more gas you give this baby, the more it roars as air is channeled through the fairing, cooling the motor, battery, and regulator assembly.


Meet the e-Scooter of the Future

Throwing shapes in the street! The Yamaev e-scooter is a statement on wheels. [Yamaev]
Alexander Yamaev, Chief Industrial Designer at Karfidov Lab, recently dropped a distinctive, L-shaped e-Scooter inspired by retro-futuristic design. Despite its unusual appearance, the electric scooter, called ZID, is ready for the road. Designed for a single rider, the scoot can reach speeds of up to 37mph. The unique L-shape design allows the rider to sit upright while optimizing weight distribution. The unified two wheels allow for pinpoint navigation and steering. The scooter also features three headlights, an intuitively designed kickstand, and two brake lights.


Meet the eVTOL LEO: A Jet Turbine Three-Seater Electric Flying Car

LEO will leave you in the dust, staring skyward. It's a VTOL EV flying car. [LEO Flight]
Did you think flying cars were only accessible to the Jetsons? Think again! The LEO Flight is a manned alpha electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. Created by Pete Bitar of Electric Jet Aircraft and Carlos Salaff of SALAFF Automotive, the flying car can travel 300 miles on a single charge and reaches top speeds of 250mph. According to Bitar, the aircraft will use 200 small vertical jets, each measuring about 4.4 inches in diameter, to produce a combined thrust of more than 2,300lb. The LEO will be able to carry three passengers, including the pilot, and features gull-wing doors and semi-autonomous controls.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: June 16, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! With the average price of gas hovering around $5, many folks are leaving their cars in their driveway and taking their motorcycles out instead. This coming Monday is Ride to Work Day, and the perfect opportunity to hop on the bandwagon. Speaking of bikes, this week’s EV news roundup is full of new e-Bikes, a quirky new CAKE concept, big news from Fiat, and VW’s goal of creating a cost loop by recycling batteries numerous times over. If you have any tips, feedback, or thoughts you’d like to share, hit us up at Let’s roll.

Energica Drops New Adventure e-Motorcycle

The new Energica ADV eBike breaks new ground for the EV industry, boldly going where no EV has gone before. [Energica]
Italian e-Motorcycle manufacturer Energica pulled the wraps off its new adventure e-Motorcycle earlier this week. Called the Experia, the bike promises to deliver around 260 miles worth of range in a single charge thanks to its 22.5kWh battery pack. Other goodies include four riding modes, a six-level traction control system, heated grips, and 115Nm worth of torque.

90% of New e-Motorcycle Made from Indigenously Sourced Components

The all-Indian EV: the Atumobile is the kind of simple, straightforward motorcycle India is known for. [Atumobile]
India-based EV maker Atumobile is planning to release its new café-styled e-Motorcycle to the market in the near future. The e-Bike even received a nod from the Automotive Research Association of India. As much as 90% of the new bike is made from indigenously sourced materials. It features a 2.4kWh battery pack, tubular chassis, and top speeds of 40mph.

An OX from Madrid

Dirty like an OX should be: and enduro EV right out of the box. [OX]

Spanish eBike manufacturer OX Motorcycles was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing affordable and fun mobility.  Their latest model is the Patagonia, an ADV bike with 110kmh top speed (65mph), light weight, 5 hour complete charging time, and a modest price.  They've chosen a rear wheel hub motor for simplicity, but the Patagonia has a very complete spec, with saddlebags, long-travel suspension, off-road tires, and high handlebars for adventure out of town.

Meet Kibb, a Quirky Concept Electric ATV for Your Farm

The future of farming? CAKE thinks so: their Kibb autonomous EV is a new concept for their :work series. [CAKE]
Swedish EV manufacturer CAKE has built a strong reputation for innovative concepts. However, digital designer Fanny Jonsson took things one step further with her design proposal for the CAKE Kibb ATV. With the main frame resembling CAKE’s Ösa, the Kibb – which means “ox” in Swedish – will pave the way for more sustainable farming by taking people completely out of the picture. The autonomous ATV will be able to efficiently transport crates of produce without disturbing the soil or wildlife. While traditional farm equipment relies heavily on fossil fuels, the Kibb will be outfitted with solar panels.  “We must harness the generative power of earth itself. The power lies in biodiversity, and we can no longer operate farms and ranches with only one type of crop or animal,” Fanny explained.

Fiat is Going Entirely Electric and Hybrid Next Month in the UK

FIAT joins the European trend for all-EV and hybrid vehicles in the very near future. [FIAT]
Fiat, the Italian marque, will have a UK lineup exclusively made up of EVs and hybrids starting on July 1. The automaker currently offers two electric vehicles in Britain, including the electric New 500 and E-Ulysse minivan.

VW Aims to Recycle Electric Batteries Multiple Times Over

German automaker Volkswagen is developing a program that will allow it to recycle EV battery materials multiple times over, creating a closed loop. VW’s goal is to offer a decentralized process that consumes less energy than making new batteries from freshly mined raw materials.

Buick’s New Wildcat is a Luxury Electrified Coupe

The new Buick Wildcat is sleek and luxurious, with bold lines. [Buick]
Buick recently unveiled its new luxury coupe concept. Called the Wildcat, the EV features a sleekly sloped roofline, wraparound windshield, “semi-swing” doors, and an aggressive stance. The Wildcat’s design will be used across numerous Buick models in the future. Performance details have yet to be released.

Cadillac Unveils its High End Luxury EV

The Cadillac Celestiq aims for the high-end luxury EV market. [AutoEvolution/Cadillac]

Earlier this week, GM announced that it would be investing $81 million to hand build the ultra-exclusive Cadillac Celestiq, a new limited-production flagship EV. GM will officially unveil the new model next month, which will have a starting price of $200,000.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: June 10, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! We hope you all are enjoying the first full week of June. Make it to the beach yet? This week’s EV news roundup is packed with some pretty exciting stuff, including Triumph’s all-electric motorcycle, Jeep’s EV goals for the European market, and a sleekly designed e-Motorcycle that is bound to knock your socks – and riding boots – off. If you have any tips or feedback you’d like to share, send ‘em to Let’s roll.


The Tastefully Redesigned Super73 S2

The Super73 re-imagined by Chronos Design as a retro-futuristic cafe racer, part Akira and part Tamburini. [Chronos Design]
Chronos Design recently dropped their new sleek redesign of the Super 73-S2, a minimalistic bike with a lot of edge. The stunning new kit fits seamlessly over the existing bike and definitely pushes boundaries. Promised to be available to the market in the very near future, the design took three months of development, from sketch to 3D printing.


Triumph Completes Final Testing of Their New Electric Motorcycle

The new Triumph e-Moto looks to be the first from a traditional OEM to compete against Harley-Davidson's LiveWire. [Triumph]

Triumph just completed testing of their first-ever fully-electric motorcycle. Dubbed the TE-1, the bike is a collaboration between Triumph and Williams Advanced Engineering and will be built in four stages. The UK government’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy and the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles provided funding for the collab. This week, Triumph announced that they completed the final testing phase of the e-Motorcycle. They even released a short teaser of the new prototype doing a wheelie. However, we’ve got to wait until July 12 for the full details to be released.


Jeep Aims to Only Sell EVs and Hybrids in Europe by Next Year


During a promotional event for Jeep’s Jurassic Park collaboration, the automaker’s CEO, Christian Meunier, discussed changes to the brand’s EV strategy. By the end of this year, Jeep plans to cease all sales of internal-combustion-engine vehicles in Europe. As 2022 comes to a close, the 80-year-old brand will focus solely on battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). "There is enough demand for us to make that bold move in Europe," Meunier said.  But are there enough Lithium, computer chips, and wiring harnesses by the end of 2022 for a real production line?


Mercedes to Launch eActros LongHaul in 2024

You can carry a lot of batteries in a 40-ton chassis! The Mercedes E-Actron will make 'engine braking' far less obnoxious. [Mercedes]
Mercedes is set to begin testing of their new 40-ton eActros LongHaul on public roadways later this year. The company will begin the production of their electrified long-hauler in 2024. The electric truck will be outfitted with several battery packs with a capacity of 105kWh each, and promises a whopping 310 miles worth of range. The company has also partnered with Volvo Trucks and Volkswagen’s Traton truck brand to create a joint venture for EV truck infrastructure. The three companies will develop and operate an advanced network, called the High-Performance Charging in Long-Haul Truck Transport (HoLa), designed solely for battery-electric heavy-duty long-haul trucks and buses in Europe.


Electrify America and Stack Charge are Rolling Out Charging Lounges

Until charging technology is as fast as filling up with gasoline (and that will be a looooong time, if ever), long-distance driving will need lounges like this. [Stackcharge]
In an effort to make the use of EVs more widespread across the U.S., Electrify America and Stack Charge have started to roll out charging station concepts that offer more amenities and a comfy waiting area. Called “charging lounges,” the concept will be introduced to Santa Barbara,  San Francisco, San Diego, and Beverly Hills, CA, as well as in Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York. The lounges will feature event spaces, valet charging, security lighting, and curbside delivery options. The companies hope to open five to 10 additional lounges in the next few years.


Nimbus Now Accepting Pre-Preorders for Their Compact EV

Nimbus rolling on a motorcycle legal technicality in full enclosure. [Nimbus]
Micro-mobility startup Nimbus is now taking preorders for their cute and compact electric vehicle. The Nimbus One, which is essentially a roofed motorcycle, measures less than three feet wide and 7.5 feet long, making it five times smaller than a traditional compact car. The little EVs will cost around $9,900. The company also intends to offer subscription services for $200 per month.


Fresh Funds


In an effort to accelerate its EV expansion, Porsche recently bought Fazua, a German e-Bike motor manufacturer.

Ford will invest $3.7 billion on Midwestern plants to increase production on all new Rangers, Mustangs, and commercial EVs.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: June 2, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Did y’all have a relaxing Memorial Day weekend? We hope you got at least a few hours of riding in between the barbecues and other holiday festivities. This week’s EV news roundup includes hospital EV fleets, new fast-charging battery technology, and a pole-to-pole adventure for an electric Nissan. Please send your tips, feedback, and inquiries to Let’s roll.

H-D's Serial 1 Unveils an Electric Mountain Bike

To the moon! Harking back to the origins of mountain biking on Mt Tamalpais with single-speed Cruiser bikes, the Serial 1 EMTB is old-school stylee for this new-school brand. [Serial 1]
Harley-Davidson’s e-Bike brand, Serial 1, recently dropped its new electric mountain bike. Dubbed the BASH/MTN, the limited-production, single-speed bike is the perfect fusion of minimalistic styling and off-roading capabilities. The BASH/MTN features a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, a mid-mounted Brose S Mag motor, and Serial 1’s 529Wh lithium-ion battery, which was developed in-house.

'Firefly' Custom eBike for BSTN

The BTSN-built 'Firefly' custom Sur-Ron shows just how simple it can be to ramp up the appeal of a fairly utilitarian machine. [BTSN]
BSTN is a 'European basketball heritage' shop in Hamburg and Munich...and yes, there is basketball in Europe!  It's mostly a clothing and culture shop, and deeply, deeply cool; their website is an excellent rabbit hole to fall down, and no doubt you'll see a lot of books, magazines, music, clothing, and people you've never seen elsewhere.  In short, we dig it!  Even better, they created a custom eBike in partnership with Nike called the Firefly, based on a Sur-Ron lightweight quasi-moto platform.  The Sur-Ron is already big fun, and probably illegal to ride on the streets where you live, but you can buy it anyway: we've featured them a bunch on The Current News.  BTSN's aesthetic remodel of the Sur-Ron just shows how a talented designer can make a motorcycle oh-so-desirable using only color and accessories...the bare-bones basics for a custom build.  The Firefly is blowing up our Instagram feed, which means they have a hit on their hands.  Sadly, they only built one, and back in ...March 2020!  Which is why the word is only just getting out.  Build some more, BTSN peeps, it cool.

Nissan Prepares for an Epic EV Expedition

Like the 'Long Way Up', but much longer! The Nissan trans-polar EV expedition will test the limits of remote charging. [Nissan]
English actor Chris Ramsey announced this week that he will attempt to drive a modified Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE from the North to the South Pole next spring. The 16,800-mile adventure will include one main vehicle that will be modified with upgraded tires, wheels, and a suspension, along with a support vehicle. Ramsey’s journey will be the first attempt along this specific route in an electric vehicle. “Our mission is to show that electric vehicles can tackle the harshest of environments—from the bitter cold of the poles to the hot and humid jungles of South America, and illustrate that they are exhilarating to drive whilst meeting the daily demands of drivers around the world,” Ramsey stated.

Kia e-Niro to Join British Hospital Fleets

Replacing dirty diesels with EV support vehicles, the NHS is moving into the future. [Kia]
The UK’s East Midlands Ambulance Service put an order in earlier this week to replace 16 diesel models with Kia e-Niro EVs. The electric vehicles will be used for non-emergency patient transport tasks and can cover about 90 miles of ground per day. Here in the U.S., only a handful of ambulance services are considering adding EVs to their fleet. Hopefully, we’ll see the light soon.


New Battery Tech


Battery improvements are essential to better range on EVs, and while there's been no radical shift, and solid-state batteries are years away, gradual improvements have made even current battery tech see vast improvements year on year. [Store-Dot]
EV maker Polestar recently invested in StoreDot, an Israeli startup that is developing fast-charging battery tech that promises to add 100 miles of range in just five minutes. The company developed its proprietary battery technology by synthesizing organic and inorganic compounds that will be used in lithium-ion battery production. The “100in5” battery cells are scheduled for production in 2024.

EBikeGo is making moves to improve its battery performance. [eBikeGo]
Meanwhile, eBikeGo has partnered with Log 9 Materials to develop advanced battery technology for its upcoming Velocipedo e-Scooter. The startup’s insta-charge technology will allow the scoot to be fully charged in just 10 minutes.


Fresh Funds

French startup Upway secured $25 million in Series A funding. The company will use the funds to sell more refurbished e-Bikes.

Solid-state battery tech startup Natrion raised $2 million in seed funding.

Dutch e-Bike maker Roetz raised $1.9 million.

Hyundai is planning to invest $10 million to support EV and autonomous vehicle tech in the U.S.  Looks like they're buying in on the plan to divest drivers of autonomy...




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: May 26, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Are you ready for the non-official start of summer this weekend? We know we sure are. Just like this year’s historically high temperatures, this week’s EV news roundup is burning up, and sometimes blowing up.  We’ll take a look at the e-Bikes Ukraine is using to haul anti-tank weapons, a Cybertruck-inspired café racer, and much more. Send us your tips, quips, and feedback to Let’s roll.


Ukraine Uses e-Bikes to Haul Weaponry

Not shown in the catalog! Ukrainian soldiers using Delfast eBikes to move anti-tank weapons quickly and silently through battleground areas. [Internet]
Military officials in Ukraine are using whisper-quiet modified e-Bikes to transport next-gen light anti-tank weaponry as fighting continues with Russia. Soldiers are using EVs from Ukrainian brands ELEEK and Delfast to move quickly into position or conduct guard patrols. In happier times, we reported on Delfast using the Dnepr name and taking records at Bonneville. Now the Ukrainian military is utilizing them to haul the latest in anti-tank rocket launchers, which are light and easy to manage, unless you're sitting in a tank. The e-Bike’s swift speeds of up to 50mph and quiet design is an ideal solution for frontline soldiers.  It's the new wave of guerilla warfare, with a little help from their friends in the USA and NATO, and a big part of why Russia hasn't trampled over Ukraine as they expected.  EVs give a modern spin to an old war scenario, with militarily superior armies promising quick victory to their leaders, but the ground game proves to be a different matter: after all, isn't that how the USA became independent?  And how Afghanistan booted both the Russians and Americans out?  Neither country seems to have learned much from their own history.


Serial 1 'Bash/MTN' Minimal Trail Bike

Serial 1 branches out, to the woods! The Bash/MTN is their latest model, coming soon to a trail near you. [Serial 1]

Harley-Davidson's 'other' EV spinoff, Serial 1, is branching out with a trail bike based on one of their designers' personal machines.  The Bash/MTN is intended for off-road riding in an ultra simple format; single-speed, no suspension, pedelec.  Well, the seat post is sprung, to save your spine, which sounds much like a 1920s/30s Harley-Davidson! The mid-mount motor drives the rear wheel via a carbon belt, has four ride modes, with 66ft-lbs of torque, which is a lot more than their early motorcycles.  The design is clean and minimal. Serial 1 has partnered with Google Cloud for a mobile app providing turn-by-turn navigation, gathering real-time data directly from the bike to assist the riders on the current status of their ride.  Next time you see an eBike in the woods mounted with 20 cameras, you'll know it's Google mapping your trail.  JK!


Meet Robo.Systems’ 2x2 Energy-Efficient Ultra Off-Roading e-Bike

Robo Systems going anywhere and everywhere, like an EV Rokon, with a similar spec: 2 wheel drive using floation big wheels. [Robo Systems]
Robo.Systems’ new 2x2 cross-country e-Bike is paving the way for the future. The biggest selling points of this off-road monster are its unlimited mile range, ability to conquer water obstacles, and low-pressure tires. The e-Bike can efficiently navigate swamps, mud, sand, water, and snow, all with minimal energy consumption. The vehicle also features top speeds of 30mph, two 1kW motors, a payload capacity of 330lbs, and lightning-fast charging times.


Nissan’s New Four-Door Sakura’s Exceptional Capabilities

The new micro Nissan urban runabout Sakura at a very low price. [Nissan]
Earlier this week, automaker Nissan debuted its Sakura kei car in Japan, an innovative four-seater EV that boasts 112 miles worth of range, 63hp, top speeds of 80mph, and 144 lb-ft of torque. Priced at $14,000, the EV is named for Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms. Measuring just 113.7 inches in length and 58.1 inches in width, the Sakura is the perfect vehicle for urbanites.


Renault’s Scénic Vision is an Electric/Hydrogen Powerhouse

French carmaker Renault is one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world, and is looking toward the future with the Scénic Vision electro-hybrid with a lighter carbon footprint than a pure EV. [Renault]
Renault just unveiled their newest EV concept, the Scénic Vision, at the ChangeNOW summit. Thee dual-powered concept harnesses the power of the company’s H2-Tech, a combination of both electric and hydrogen power and will be released in 2024. The company claims that the revolutionary cross-over uses 70% recycled materials and 95% of the production vehicle can be recycled. Furthermore, the Scénic Vision will have an overall running footprint that is 75% less than traditional EVs. “Its battery is up to 60% less carbon intensive than an equivalent battery, thanks to the use of short loops and low-carbon sourcing of minerals, and the use of low-carbon energy to assemble and produce the battery,” the company said.  The future is eclectic: we're sure to see a wealth of good ideas for vehicles using many hybrid powerplants in the coming years.


TVS Motors Launches the iQube e-Scooter

TVS is the enormous Indian company you've never heard of, that builds more motorcycles than all European and American moto companies combined. Their iQube will likely sell in huge numbers, and if India can get a handle on power production using something other than coal, their urban air quality will surely improve. [TVS]

TVS Motors dropped their new iQube e-scoot this week. The scooter will be available in three different models, including the base-version iQube, the iQube S, and the iQube ST, with the two former avatars now available at the company’s outlets in 33 cities. TVS Motors plans to expand their footprint in 52 additional cities. The iQube and iQube S models are both outfitted with a 3.4kWh battery that delivers 100km of on-road range per charge. The iQube ST is equipped with a 5.1kWh battery that promises 140km of on-road range per charge.


New Cybertruck-Inspired Model M Bike is the Café Racer of the Future

Squared-off and sleek, this Tesla-inspired eBike design points a way forward for new silhouettes for two wheels. [Victor Rodriquez Gómez]
Spanish designer Victor Rodríguez Gómez recently developed a Cybertruck-inspired café racer called the Tesla Model M. Created with future adventurers in mind, the efficient, eco-friendly machine boasts Tesla-eqsue geometric lines and a sleek, forward stance. Gómez’s extreme attention to detail can be seen throughout every facet of his visionary e-Motorcycle, right down to the detachable bag that enables a rider to carry their belongings as they dismount the bike. The bag is equipped with its own battery that powers multimedia systems and lights.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: May 20, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Can you believe we’re less than 10 days away from Memorial Day weekend? It seems like January was only two weeks ago. Another thing that seems to be zipping by at a lightning-fast pace is EV technology and designs. Need proof? This week’s roundup is full of it. From an electric Bentley packed with 1,400 ponies – you heard us correctly – to a 1930s board tracker-inspired e-Motorcycle, this week’s EV news will definitely get your motor running. As always, send your tips, feedback, and questions to Let’s roll.


Wyld’s E-Tracker is a Testament to Enduring Elegance 

The Wyld board track-inspired eBike includes a 'flat tank' between upper frame rails, a rigid rear frame, and girder forks to evoke the feel of a 1920s board track racer. [Wyld]
If you know anything about the machines built to race around the murderdromes – er, motordromes – of the 1920s and 30s, then you’re well aware that most of those old board tracker bikes are virtually unrideable on modern roadways. However, that hasn’t stopped Scottsdale-based Wyld Garage Co. from building a real showstopper. Dubbed the Urban Tracker Electric, Wyld’s e-Motorcycle is a nod to the stripped-down board track racers of yesteryear. This ground-up creation promises 60 miles worth of range and 18hp. While it’s not fast, this bike certainly is pretty.


Plan B Motorcycle’s New EV Design is a Real Stunner

Best seen in person, the paintwork on the Zero-based Plan B 'Blackbird' is a transparent deep noir. [Plan B]
Based in Italy, Plan B Motorcycles is a “neo-café” workshop that specializes in distinct designs and bespoke bikes. Owner Christian Moretti’s stunning redesign of a Zero e-motorcycle, fittingly called the Blackbird, will be on display at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Show in London from May 27-29. Under the right lighting conditions, the rich chrome-black ink-coating reveals the intricate aluminum bodywork beneath. This bike is absolutely gorgeous.


Bentley’s First EV Packs 1,400 Ponies

The horsepower wars have moved into EVs, which will always win over internal combustion motors, as they are simply more powerful, and each wheel can have its own motor. [Bentley]
Luxury automaker Bentley is entering the EV arena with the debut of its brutal 1,400hp all-electric car. Arriving in 2025, the new car boasts Bugatti-like specs and can go from 0 to 60mph in 1.5 seconds. All that power comes with a hefty price tag. The electric Bentley will cost more than $262,000.


One of North America’s Oldest Off-Road Races Gets Electrified

The Corduroy includes many vintage racers as well as modern machines for professional men and women riders. The new e-bike class will be fascinating, with the widening selection of off-road racers from CAKE and KTM, etc. [Corduroy]
The folks over at the Corduroy Enduro - 'Canada's toughest race' - in Gooderham Ontario, recently announced that they will be adding an electric racing class to their lineup this year. The Cord, which runs September 22-25, has amateur and pro classes for contemporary bikes, plus many vintage classes.  The new EV class will feature a special, shorter course designed for electric machines. We’re excited to see how things play out on the track.


Honda Teases First Electric SUV

Taking their sweet time entering the EV space on two and four wheels, Honda is teasing a new design, which means they've already built and are testing it! [Honda]
Earlier this week, Honda dropped a teaser image of its new electric SUV that is slated to arrive in 2024. The Prologue will be the automaker’s first battery-electric vehicle to be sold in the United States and one of two that Honda is co-developing with GM. The SUV will be built on GM’s Ultium platform, while future Honda EVs will be built on the Honda E architecture, arriving in 2026. The new release will initiate Big Red’s goal of having 100% of its sales be comprised of fuel-cell or electric vehicles by 2040.


EV Battery Costs Predicted to Surge 22% By 2026

The cost to make EVs is primed to skyrocket over the next four years due to a scarcity of essential raw materials needed to produce electric battery cells, like Lithium, as we noted in The Current Newson on May 5. Prices are expected to peak at $138 per kWh. This will also cause a spike in the price of EVs sold in 2026 by as much as $3,000 per vehicle for a car.  The shortage of Lithium has already increased the price of a new Tesla by $1000, according to Elon Musk.


McLaren to Race in Formula E

McLaren's bid to secure a spot in the new Formula E race series is a boost of confidence in the future of racing. [McLaren]
Earlier this week, McLaren Racing confirmed that it will be competing in the Formula E World Championship. The new team will be formed through the acquisition of the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.

The Current News: May 14, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Since this week is packed with some pretty exciting stuff, we’re going to cut straight to the chase. This week’s stories include HD’s most affordable e-Motorcycle to date, Volkswagen’s new electric off-roading brand, and an EV that could blow Lucid’s 520-mile range out of the water. As always, share tips, opinions, and feedback to Let’s roll.

Harley-Davison’s Most Affordable EV Yet

With the new Del Mar, LiveWire begins a whole new ballgame. [LiveWire]
This week, Harley-Davidson’s electric spinoff, LiveWire, announced its most affordable e-Motorcycle to date. The S2 Del Mar is priced to please with a base model price of $15,000. A middleweight bike, the S2 Del Mar will be built on LiveWire’s Arrow platform, which includes a motor, battery, and electronics stored in a single unit that the company can use to support various models. HD’s new bike will crank out 80 ponies and have 100 miles worth of range. It will also be able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Perched on 19-inch Dunlop DT1 tires, the S2 Del Mar can ride both on- and off-road.

'Electric Revolutionaries' Exhibit at the Petersen Museum

JT Nesbitt of Curtiss Motorcycles explains features of the Curtiss One to curator Paul d'Orléans [MAF]

With a focus on 11 of the most innovative EV designers in the motoring world, 'Electric Revolutionaries' includes a collection of ground-breaking creations by visionaries at the forefront of this ever-expanding industry. Highlights of the exhibition include "KillaJoule," the land speed racer that made Eva Hakansson the fastest woman on an electric motorcycle with a run of 240.7 mph. Built by Hakansson and her husband at home and with a limited budget, "KillaJoule" is the fastest sidecar streamliner ever, regardless of engine type. On the slower side of the spectrum are the innovative solar-powered  "Solar Scooter" and "Solar Rickshaw" created by Samuel Aboagye, a 17-year old Ghanaian teenager, constructed using only salvaged, discarded and recycled materials that he could source for free. Making its worldwide debut will be the intricately designed and exquisitely crafted "The One" by Curtiss Motors. Conceptualized by JT Nesbitt, "The One" features a retro-futuristic design and quality of construction usually only found on exotic hypercars.

Eva Hakkansson's Killajoule streamliner at the Petersen Museum. [Paul d'Orléans]
A follow-up to the Petersen Museum's popular first-ever electric motorcycle exhibit, "Electric Revolution" of 2019, the new display features over 25 unique electric vehicles.  It's the fifth Petersen exhibit curated by Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation Co-Founder Paul d'Orleans, who says, "I'm super excited to assemble this wildly diverse collection of EV pioneers. 'Electric Revolutionaries' really does represent the range of interests in an electric future, from a humble teen in Ghana making EVs from scrap, to genius artisans building conceptual and boundary-pushing designs, to speed demons and global superstar designers interested in pushing mobility into the green zone." Electric Revolutionaries is produced by the Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation and Sasha Tcherevkoff, with generous support from LiveWire and Damon Motorcycles as a contributing sponsor.

The Sondors Metacycle prototype at the Petersen Museum. [Paul d'Orléans]
"It is incredible how far electric motorcycles have come in the short time from our first exhibit in 2019," said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges. "This new display gives a unique and close-up look at the innovative machines and the creators behind them pushing the boundaries of motorcycle electrification and design. The detail, level of craftsmanship and unorthodox thinking behind these electric motorcycles make them must-sees." Other notable electric motorcycles on display include Joey Ruiter's "NOMOTO," which camouflages as utilitarian street furniture and his geometric "Moto Undone" concept. Also part of the exhibit is famed motorcycle designer Walt Siegl's ultra-minimalist "RONTU" that uses carbon fiber, aluminum and a lack of body panels to help weigh a scant 100 lbs. Hugo Eccles' avant-garde and award-winning "XP Zero," a radical reinterpretation of a production ZERO SR/F into a futuristic cafe racer, is also among the extensive collection of unique and innovative electric motorcycles.

The panel discussion of Electric Revolutionaries. [MAF]
A fascinating panel discussion was held at the April 14th reception, moderated by Paul d'Orléans and including five of the featured designers, plus Charles Fleming of the LA TimesTo watch the video or read the transcript, click here.

Specialized Revives the Globe

The Specialized sub-brand Globe is an urban utility/commuter machine. [Specialized]

In the 1990s, Specialized bicycles had a sub-brand called Globe, a no-frills urban-oriented bicycle line. They've revived the Globe name for a line of urban eBikes with a utility focus, for carrying loads like groceries and kids.  The new Globe brand is a stand-alone product that “will focus on bringing more fun to local living while reducing the number of car, truck, and SUV trips needed for everyday transportation;" that's certainly a goal we support at The Vintagent.  Globe's leader Saul Leiken said “in order to offer the bicycle as the ultimate climate-friendly solution for everyday trips [the firm must] alter traditional notions of how and why we ride.” We've previously posted articles on Specialized's interest in EVs and history of bucking trends, as with their fUCI racing bicycle with an electric boost, designed by Robert Egger.  Read that story here for a bit on context on the Specialized mindset, and likely approach to their eBike new lineup.

Volkswagen Launching Scout, a New Off-Roading EV Brand

The new Volkswagen Scout line...a familiar name with a new profile. [VW]
German automaker Volkswagen recently announced that they would be launching a new EV company in America called Scout, a nod to the International Harvester Scout of the 1960s. The new brand will offer an electric off-roading SUV and pickup. VW plans to make an initial investment of $100 million in their new branch.

Can Fisker Beat Lucid’s 520-Mile Range?

The Fisker Ronin long-range EV sedan. [Fisker]
EV startup Fisker is planning to create a four-door luxury sportscar that could dethrone Lucid Air’s 520-mile rating. Called the Ronin, a namesake of the 1997 John Frankenheimer Euro sedan, the EV is due to drop in 2024. "The aim is to achieve the world's longest range for a production EV, combined with extremely high levels of performance. Project Ronin will be a showcase for our internal engineering, powertrain, and software capabilities,” Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker stated.

Volvo’s Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks

The new Volvo e-fleet. [Volvo]
Every day, it seems like another luxury brand is hopping on the electric train. This week is Volvo’s turn. The Swedish automaker has six electric trucks now on the menu, including the Volvo FH, Volvo FM, and Volvo FMX. Volvo plans for half of its total truck sales to be electric by 2030. Tractor versions of the trucks will be available in 4x2, 6z3, and 6x4. The trucks will be outfitted with two or three electric motors that churn out between 450 and 66hp and have top ranges of just under 200 miles.

Samsung is Accelerating Development of Solid-State Batteries

The battery of the future looks like a diaper, for now. A solid-state battery from Nissan. [Nissan]
Samsung SDI is ramping up the development of solid-state batteries and will produce them in early 2023. The company states that the new technology will be a more powerful and safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Samsung aims to have their solid-state batteries on the market within the next five years.  This is an ambitious goal, as the technology has only been proven in very small test batteries, and not in large batteries used under various conditions as in a vehicle.  The trick for solid state batteries is preventing degradation by coating the anode and cathode in materials that do not slow down a smooth flow of ions.  The advantages of a solid-state battery is a much wider choice of materials for the anode and cathode, which makes scientists (and environmentalists) hopeful that far more common materials than cobalt and lithium can be used to produce the millions of batteries needed in a wholesale shift to electric power.    We'll be watching developments in this space: much as with hydrogen technology, Nissan and Samsung claim a breakthrough is 'just around the corner' or 'on the verge.'  That's a state of affairs that could last for decades, but the promise of solid state batteries would mean a truly on-par performance in terms of range and lightness between internal combustion and EV vehicles.

Fresh Funds

Atlis Motor Vehicles is planning to submit a Nasdaq Global Market applications for a public listing in the stock market. They have reserved the ticker symbol “AMV.”

Lordstown Motors needs more funding to build their Endurance pickup. The EV maker saw a net loss of $86.9 million in Q1 of 2022 and is hoping to close a critical deal with Taiwan’s Foxconn for its Ohio factory to make up for the losses. Even if the sale is successful, Lordstown still requires an additional $150 million to start production of it pickup.

Rivian received a staggering $1.5 billion incentives package to build a factory in Georgia.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: May 5, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Welcome to the first EV news roundup of May. This week’s stories include a first looks at the stunning Formula E Gen3 race car, a seven-pound powertrain, and the results of CAKE’s first ever electric race. If you see any cool stories you think we should cover, shoot us a message at Oh, and don’t forget to call your mother on Sunday! Let’s roll.


Formula E’s New Gen3 Car Shows How Fast Battery Technology is Advancing

A gorgeous render of the new Formula E Gen3 racer. [Formula E]
Formula E revealed its new Gen3 race car last week at Monaco’s Yacht Club. With a design inspired by a fighter jet, this car is faster, stronger, and more efficient than its predecessors. While the maximum power output from the Gen1 to the Gen2 only increased by 50 kW, FIA’s newest EV blows previous generations out of the water with a staggering 650 kW of total power. And that power upsurge was achieved in only one year! Some other noteworthy features of the Gen3 include a weight that is 60 kg lighter than the previous models and top speeds of over 200 mph. The new race car will also be built from renewable materials, including recyclable batteries, natural rubber, and recycled fiber from Gen2 cars.


CAKE Worlds Race Winners Announced

CAKE racing in the dirt. Just because it's quiet doesn't mean the action isn't exciting. [CAKE]
Earlier this week, Swedish EV manufacturer CAKE announced the winners of the Cake Worlds Race, the first ever all-electric, gender-neutral race in North America. After the action-packed weekend in Del Mar, CA, professional MXA test-rider Josh Moisman was crowned the North American 4X champion. Ashley Fiolek, coming in ninth place, was crowned the best female rider. Dylan Gaszak secured first place in the amateur class. All three will represent the U.S. in the CAKE Worlds Finals, taking place later this year.  While their press arm is robust, CAKE really needs to work on their PR before an event, as one of our team attended the Del Mar race, and found it sparsely attended.  EV racing is a blast to watch, so ramp up the notice, CAKE!


Lucid Will Build 100,000 EVs for the Saudi Government

Lucid Motors secures a major contract with the Saudi government. But how will supply chain issues affect their projections? [Lucid]
Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance recently made a purchase commitment for 50,000 Lucid EVs, with an option to buy another 50,000 more over the next decade. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) currently holds a controlling 61% stake of the EV interesting point given the country's status as the world's largest exporter of crude oil.  Saudi Arabia is also opening up formerly forbidden areas to tourism, and has made huge infrastructure investments in new tourist areas of ancient architecture and astonishing natural beauty, all of which look simply amazing.  The question is, will Saudi Arabia invest in Lithium mining to ensure they can build those 100,000 cars?


The World’s Lightest Powertrain?

The Mahle X20 ultra-light powertrain. [Mahle]
The new Mahle X20 e-Bike powertrain claims to be the lightest in the world. The X20 system barely tips the scale at just 7.05 lbs, including the motor, wiring, battery, controller, and head unit. Due to its ultra-lightness, the rear hub motor only cranks out about 23 Nm of torque, but will still be a welcome boost for any bicycle.


Aston Martin Plans to Go Entirely Electric

The Aston Martin Valhalla is the company's first plug-in hybrid vehicle, which is expected to arrive in 2024. With no EV design in evidence, it's a bold move for the company to announce a total switch to EVs. [Aston Martin]
Luxury automaker Aston Martin announced earlier this week that it is targeting 2030 as the expiration date of new cars with gas-powered engines. The company also plans to drop its first electric model by 2025.


Major Global Lithium Shortage, and 'The New Oil'

From the Publisher: Lithium is a very common mineral on planet Earth, found in rock and soil and seawater.  Lithium is also a critical element for the battery technology currently powering EVs, but extracting Lithium from all these places is difficult, expensive, and is currently a filthy business, perhaps even dirtier than oil extraction.  The planned-for shift to EVs across Europe and North America, and the current growth of the EV mobility sector, have exposed a major weakness in the supply chain: the demand for Lithium by battery manufacturers worldwide has exceeded the available supply by 50,000metric tons every year since 2020.  The price of Lithium carbonate has gone through the roof, shooting up 442% since 2020, and now accounts for 80% of the cost of EV batteries.  The cost of a new Tesla long-range has gone up $1000 this year to reflect this, as one example of a quantifiable impact of the mineral shortage on EV mobility.  And looking forward, "All the world's cell production combined represents well under 10% of what we will need in 10 years," said Robert Scaringe, CEO of Rivian.

Lithium mining in Sonora, Mexico. [Mexico Now]
Lithium has earned the name 'white gold', but perhaps it's better called 'the new oil', given its impact on global energy geopolitics, and a shift away from the Middle East as primary energy brokers for a power-hungry world. China remains in control of an estimated 80% of the world's Cobalt extraction, according to a New York Times story, but Lithium production is currently split between Australia (#1), China, Chile, and Argentina.  After threatening to nationalize Lithium production in Mexico, President Obrador (AMLO) allowed Chinese company Ganfeng Lithium to take a 50% stake in UK mining company Bacanora currently controlling mineral mining in Sonora...effectively giving the Chinese a 50-year lease on 100,000 hectares in the Sonoran desert.  Economically weak countries with vast natural resources are under tremendous political pressure to concede their natural resources to foreign economic powers.  And whether the world will know what the extraction ultimately looks like is an open question, given the regular murder of journalists and activists daring to give voice to local concerns over extraction. At The Vintagent, we believe in sustainability and a clean environment, and support efforts to that end.  The EV industry is painted as essentially 'green', but that is still an open question, given the usual ugliness of extraction.  Let's hope the rush to reduce carbon in our atmosphere doesn't lead to an even worse situation on the ground.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: April 29, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! While Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter nearly broke the internet earlier this week, we’d like to turn your attention to much more captivating EV stories. This week’s roundup includes a stunning café-inspired e-Motorcycle, an EV brand that was born to be different, a Dodge Ram EV pickup, e-Bikes from MINI, and even an electrified Corvette. If you see any stories you’d like us to cover, drop us a message at Let’s roll.

Meet the New Nuit: A Visionary Café-Inspired e-Motorcycle

The Nuit is a pared-down eBike, and looks in profile surprisingly like a 1960s Velocette Valiant! [Nuit)

Some designs will never go out of style. A good case in point is Belgium designer Benjamin Surain’s new e-Motorcycle, the Nuit. Based on a TC Max Super Soco. Ben completely transformed the bike into his own unique minimalistic vision. The Nuit, or Night, is built entirely from sustainable materials. Ben tore apart the TC and reworked the entire frame using eco-friendly materials and 3D printing technology. The result is a sleek, barebones bike that weighs only 187 pounds. The Nuit can reach top speeds of 110km/h and features fully adjustable firmware for a customized riding experience.

A Brand as Distinct as da Vinci

The DaVinci eBike takes a unique approach to the design issue of the big battery required for high power and long range. I see the design heritage of the 2009 Mission One here. Also, the 'follow you around' self-balancing trick![DaVinci]

We all know that Leonardo da Vinci was an artist ahead of his time. And it’s safe to assume that Davinci Motor Corp. is too. Founded in 2013, the Chinese startup’s motto is, “Scientists discover the world that exists. Engineers create the world that never was.” And these revolutionaries are definitely living up to their words. Davinci’s two high-performance models, including the DC100, are self-balancing bikes that will follow you around. The DC100’s single-sided swingarm showcases its distinct rear wheel that seemingly floats in mid-air. The only caveat to this is that the front wheel is encased with an immense swingarm on the right side of the bike. A brave act by the designers, to say the least. The DC100 also features a 17.7kWh battery and a “creep” feature that allows the bike to slowly start moving when you release the brake lever, a lot like an automatic car. There’s also an app-based remote-control feature that allows your bike to come to you from wherever it’s parked.

Ram’s EV Truck Concept Debuts this Fall

The Dodge Ram teaser campaign, looking like an action film logo...which is pretty much how cars are framed these days. [Dodge]

Ram plans to unveil its EV pickup concept this fall, possibly at the Los Angeles auto show. The automaker released a teaser on Twitter earlier this week which featured an illuminated Ram logo.

MINI Drops Four New e-Bikes

Cooper Bikes! The bicycle brand of BMW's Mini cars. [Mini]

MINI Cooper’s bicycle brand, Cooper Bikes, just revealed four new e-Bike models this week that feature regenerative braking. Designed for city commuters, the lineup includes the drop-bar CR-72 Randonneur bike, the single-speed CS1E, and two gender-specific models, including the CG-7E and the CL-7E. All models use the Zehus Gen2 electric bike drivetrain and produce 40Nm of torque and top speeds of 25km/h. Swanky, yes. Fast, not so much.

Here Comes the EV Corvette!

The E-Ray in the wild? We won't see a production version for several years. [Chevrolet]

GM has finally confirmed what we all new was eventually coming: an electric Corvette, to be called the E-Ray. While a hybrid version of the muscle car will hit dealerships as early as next year, GM will use its Ultium platform to support future all-electric ‘Vettes.  It's expected to be a 1000hp all-wheel-drive beast with 3 or 4 motors.

Fresh Funds

Portuguese e-Skateboard company, Hunter, raised a $1.3 million seed round.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company is now worth $5.7 billion after raising $675 million in a Series C round of financing.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration’s new program will open the door to $6.4 billion in formula funding to develop carbon reduction strategies over the next five years.

Ola: The World’s Tesla Alternative

"A Tesla for the rest of us." The proposed Ola EV auto, an outgrowth of their two-wheeled company. [Ola]

Ola founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has big plans for the company and wants to launch its first EV by 2023 or early 2024. The vehicle is promised to have autonomous technologies, making it valuable for international markets. “Tesla is for the west and Ola is for the rest,” Aggarwal said.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.

The Current News: April 21, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! We’re neck-deep in spring now and the EV industry is only continuing to crank out awesome vehicles and innovative technology. The one caveat to this week’s roundup is that we’ve noticed more and more stories about e-Bike battery explosions!  Follow that story! This week’s roundup includes a new EV drag racer, an electric SUV concept from Ford, Cake eBikes for younger riders, and a man who outran a Tesla. As always, send your tantalizing tales to us at Let’s roll.

New Hookie Co Dragster

Hookie goes to the drags! The makers of the Tardigrade lunar cycle are moving on to faster things. And, how did they make an Ösa do 100mph? [Hookie Co]

Dresden-based startup Hookie Co. just dropped a sick dragster that was their reinterpretation of Cake’s Ösa electric utility bike. Dubbed the ‘Silver Ant,’ this futuristic e-Motorcycle is made for drag racing. And while the idea of a silent drag race sounds strange, that’s exactly what you’ll be witnessing when the Silver Ant goes head-to-head with other bikes at the Glemseck 101 festival’s EV-only race this fall. The otherworldly motorcycle is promised to reach speeds of 100mph and has unique sprinting capabilities, including one brake and an aerodynamic rider position.

Three New Cake Bikes Aimed at Younger Riders

CAKE gets small! And appeals to riders of all ages with a new range of little bikes. [CAKE]
This week, Cake unveiled three new e-Bikes specifically designed for younger riders. As part of the Cake Kids Evolution Program, the lineup includes three new two-wheelers called Ready, Steady, and Go. The company’s goal is to build confidence in kids as they’re learning how to ride a bike by gradually building skills as they graduate from one model to the next. “Being a dad, I have been disturbingly surprised by the motorized off-road kids bikes that lately have hit the market, addressing kids from toddlers and up. With the Cake line of bikes, we want to excite young riders and stress safety. You need to learn how to walk before you run, and you need to master your balance before you start playing around with a throttle,” Cake Founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn, said.

Ford’s New Electric SUV Concept

The trend towards jellybean bland finds full expression in the new Ford SUV concept: when all the rules are erased, why not try interesting as a design brief? [Ford]
Ford recently revealed its new Lincoln Star electric SUV concept in preparation for adding four new EVs to its lineup by 2026. Featuring Tesla-like aesthetics, the Lincoln Star boasts panoramic windows, a Land Rover-esque silhouette, and three “rejuvenation moods” that adjust the cabin’s sound, lighting, and even smell.

 California Goes Electric

 The Golden State is giving up gas-powered vehicles. The California Air Resources Board’s new proposal would require 35% of new passenger cars sold in the state to be battery- and hydrogen-powered by 2026.

Man vs. Tesla: Man Wins

Can a man outrun a Tesla? Well, yes, based on a single charge...

Earlier this week, ultramarathoner Robbie Balenger outran a Tesla Model 3 by 100 feet. Man and machine began at the same starting point about 250 miles outside Austin. The Tesla was driven at an average speed of 65mph for the duration of a full charge, which equated to 242 miles. Balenger followed the car’s exact route on foot and beat the car’s distance by 100 feet, despite soaring temperatures.  Balenger completed the race in 76 hours, 54 minutes, meaning he literally ran for three straight days, only briefly stopping to sleep, eat, etc.  No doubt Balenger consumed considerably less energy than the Tesla, required less infrastructural support, and did not upset the balance of international power in his requirements for rare minerals!  It's long been said that a standard bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation in terms of total energy consumption; perhaps Lance Armstrong could repeat this test and begin a discussion of lifecycle energy consumption!



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: April 14, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Did you get your taxes done? Are you ready for Easter? With so much going on this week, we encourage you to take a breather while catching up on the latest EV news. This week’s stories include some upcoming releases from Honda and Cake, the race to secure battery materials, a crazy hyper-car concept that promises 2,200hp, some mind-blowing funding news, and a custom e-Motorcycle exclusively made for Shaq. As always, shoot us a message at if you think we should cover a particular story. Let’s roll.

Killer Concepts from Honda and Cake

Mystery concepts from Honda, stepping into the e-vehicle game cautiously. [Honda]

Both Honda and Cake revealed awesome EV concepts this week. The former includes two electric Honda sports cars that will be released later this decade, including a “specialty” and “flagship” model. Both cars will most likely be built on the automaker’s e:Architecture platform.

Looks like CAKE is going into the pedelec business! [CAKE]
Meanwhile, Cake recently dropped a teaser that hints at a lighter two-wheeled EV. What are your thoughts?

An Electric Hyper-Car Concept that Promises 2,200 Ponies

The DEUS hypercar 2200hp enough though? [DEUS]
DEUS Automobiles debuted its jaw-dropping Vayanne electric hyper-car concept at the New York International Auto Show this week. The Austrian company is less than two years old but has bold ambitions. The startup’s stunning new concept is predicted to churn out 2,200hp, 1,475 lb.-ft. of torque, and reach top speeds of 248mph. The Vayanne was developed in partnership with Britain-based Williams Advanced Engineering, the tech division of the Williams Formula 1 racing team.

NASA Partners with Canoo to Develop EVs for Artemis Missions

Canoo to the moon! [Canoo]

This week, NASA announced that they would contract startup Canoo to build EVs to transport astronauts to the launchpad for the upcoming Artemis mission to the moon. According to a press release, Canoo will provide NASA with crew transportation vehicles (CTV) and customized lifestyle vehicle (LV) models by next summer.

Fresh Funds

BMW's EV line is growing by leaps and bounds. [BMW]
BMW Group reported that they more than doubled their EV sales in Q1 of 2022. A driving factor of the automaker’s success was the recent arrival of the i4 and iX. Overall, BMW Group sold 35,289 BMW and Mini EVs in the first three months of 2022.

The X Shore eboat is a perfect app for EV tech. [S Shore]
Electric boat manufacturer X Shore secured $50 million in their latest round of investment funding. The company will use the funds to increase research and development of maritime EV technologies, as well as to support the manufacturing of their first production boat.

Porsche's efuels plant is currently producing synthetic fuels at $45/gal. [Porsche]
Porsche dropped $75 million in investments in the industrial production of eFuels to support their goal of electrifying 80% of their model lineup by 2030.


GM and Ford Shore Up Battery Materials

Automakers General Motors and Ford are making strategic moves to secure EV battery materials. This week, GM signed a cobalt supply deal with the Glencore, a global mining company. Ford also signed a supply agreement with lithium miner Lake Resources.


Shaq’s Custom e-Motorcycle

Shaquille O'neal has been a moto fan for decades, and is jumping on the EV bandwagon with a custom bike by Ty's Profab. [Shaq's IG]
Remember when West Coast Choppers built a custom bike for Shaquille O’Neal over 20 years ago? Well, the NBA star is at it again, but this time it’s an EV. Oklahoma-based Ty's Profab build a café-style e-Motorcycle for Shaq in just 14 days.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.

The Current News: April 7, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Before we jump into this week’s EV news, we wanted to announce our new exhibit at the Petersen Museum spotlighting the electric renaissance. Opening April 9th, the 'Electric Revolutionaries' exhibit  showcases 12 pioneering designers/teams that are leading the way for the EV industry. Standouts in the exhibit include the ‘KillaJoule,” the swiftest sidecar streamliner developed by mechanical engineer Eva Håkansson, Hugo Eccles’ “XP Zero,” and the global debut of Curtiss Motors’ “The One.”

If you’re in the LA area, and want to join the reception on April 14th, here's where to buy tickets.  We'd love to see you there!

Now let’s get into this week’s stories, which include some awesome women making headway on EV production in Mexico, Lexus’ new electric car that features a steering yoke, and the obstacles preventing the U.S. from moving the needle on its ambitious goals regarding electric vehicles.

If you see a story you’d like us to cover, send it to Our inbox is always open. Let’s roll.

Meet Zacua, the Mexican EV Developed by Women

Mexico has a small motor manufacturing industry, for both motorcycles and cars; the Zacua is the newest, with an all-woman workforce making EVs. [Zacua]
When it comes to electric vehicles, it seems like there’s always a man behind the machine. Mexico’s Zacua is about to change all that. The Zacua is a car created mostly by women. While this EV has been in development for the last five years, a 7.1-degree tremor that rocked the region in September, 2017 delayed plans. Luckily, the company has recently introduced two models to the market, including the Zacua MX2 coupe and the MX3 hatchback. Both cars can reach speeds of 85kph. The batteries are protected by an aluminum chassis that is designed to absorb energy in the event of an impact. The battery has a range of about 160km, but this number will vary depending on speed, incline, decline, and daily driving habits.

The Zacua M2 looks like a perfect urban runabout that has the potential of cleaning up Mexico City's smog issues. [Zacua]
Zacua aims to accelerate the use of environmentally friendly energies in Mexico by manufacturing small, non-polluting urban vehicles with great functionality and aesthetics. They plan to gradually open 150 charging stations in Mexico City.

How the War on Ukraine Will Impact the EV Industry

[Alain Pitton / NurPhoto/ Getty Images]
In Rivian’s latest SEC filing, the startup forecasted “significant expenses and continuing losses for the foreseeable future,” citing the effects of the conflict in Ukraine among the factors that will severely impact its success. “The cascading impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more recently the conflict in the Ukraine, have impacted our business and operations from facility construction to equipment installation to vehicle component supply,” Rivian stated. The war has prompted other automakers to halt production, including Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault, and Porsche. Since Russia and China, their greatest ally, are leading suppliers of the raw materials needed to produce EV batteries, EV makers are faced with the additional hurdles of rising prices and declining availability of these resources.

UPS’s New Adorably Tiny Electric Delivery Vans

Brown gettin' down! The last-mile UPS EV delivery vehicle, the eQuad, that's technically a bicycle in disguise. [UPS]
UPS tested out their new electric delivery vans this week and they’re downright adorable. Technically considered quadricycles, the vans are powered by an electric bike motor and measure less than 10 feet long and 33 inches wide. Called the eQuad, the small vehicles can efficiently zip through long lines of traffic, making last-minute deliveries a breeze. The vehicle’s drivetrain is nearly identical to that of an electric cargo bike and features a traditional bicycle seat, handlebars, and an electrical assist system that comes alive when a rider begins pedaling. UPS is now trialing 100 of their tiny vans in EU markets and plans to expand testing into the U.S. soon.

Lexus’ First EV Will Be Piloted by a Steering Yoke

Amazing that Lexus doesn't already have an EV offering; this is the RZ450e, coming soon. [Lexus]
Luxury automaker Lexus will be revealing the RZ 450e, their first EV, on April 20th. To promote the release, the company recently dropped two teaser images, one of which features a steering yoke. We’d love to hear if Lexus’s steering yoke is a yea or nay for you.

America is Losing Speed in the Race for EVs

At the FIA Formula E race at Templehof airport in Berlin: - Lucas Di Grassi (BRA), Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler, Audi e-tron FE05, leads Sébastien Buemi (CHE), Nissan e.Dams, Nissan IMO1. [FIA Formula E/Handout/Getty Images]

The Washington Post published an article this week about America’s difficulty to keep up in the EV battery race. Despite efforts to boost the domestic availability of raw materials, China still monopolizes 60% of battery production, and controls 80% of some vital minerals like Cobalt. With rising material prices and market imbalances, the hurdles will only continue to get higher for US companies. Furthermore, the U.S. government currently has only 1% of the chargers it needs to support EV usage in the next decade. According to recent testimony from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the U.S. government owns only 1,100 of the 100,000 stations it needs to power a planned shift to electric government vehicles.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: March 31, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! They’ve always said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, right? Well, as far as EV news is concerned, the last week of March was anything but soft and meek. This week’s electrifying stories include the largest e-Bike in the world, a startup looking to swap out plastic parts for paper, and a new EV that boasts some incredible autonomous driving features. As always, drop us a line at if you see any news you think we should cover. Let’s roll.

Paper or Plastic?

CAKE is moving on to alternative construction materials for their EVs, in hopes of lightening their carbon and fossil-fuel footprint. [CAKE]

EV manufacturer CAKE recently announced a partnership with a Swedish startup called PaperShell that wants to replace plastic parts with paper. While this may seem like an absurd endeavor, PaperShell’s paper-packed technology seems to be possible. Founded in 2021, PaperShell is aiming to replace plastic components with an eco-friendlier alternative that “resembles an artificially engineered and exclusive wood.” In the most basic sense, the company would press their sustainable concoction into whatever shape you’re looking for, be it parts for an electric scooter or a spoon.

“Our components are made by press molding, or inflation bladder molding. They create 3D surfaces that are hard and load-bearing for indoor and outdoor products,” PaperShell said. The natural fiber composite solution is hydrophobic, UV, fire-, and weather-resistant. The company states that since the amount of bio carbon is close to 100%, every 1kg of fossil-based plastics replaced with the solution will keep 7.5kg of fossil-based CO2 from being released into the atmosphere at end of life.

The First Rolls-Royce EV Will Arrive Next Year

Not much detail, but it's inevitable: a Rolls-Royce EV. Not such a dramatic shift, really, as Rolls' have always been smooth and silent... [Rolls-Royce]

Luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce will release their first electric car, the Spectre, late next year. The company’s winter testing recently wrapped up, and another 1.24 million miles of testing is already scheduled. Most of the winter testing took place on the frozen surface of Lake Kakel in Sweden. The company’s goal for testing its new model in -40-degree conditions was to ensure the vehicle handled as well as any other Rolls. “By driving on low traction surfaces such as snow and ice and willfully destabilizing Spectre, the engineers can create dynamic circumstances at low speeds that would ordinarily occur at high speeds,” the company stated in a release. “This can be reviewed and guided in situ and in slow motion, in doing so parametrizing and finessing cold-weather vehicle performance in areas such as handling, controllability, stability, predictability, and the ‘waftability’ that defines the Rolls-Royce experience.”

Barq’s New e-Scooter is the First from the Middle East

The Barq Rena Max is an update of the Motocompo concept - super compact and convenient short-haul transport. [Barq]

Abu Dhabi-based startup, Barq, just dropped their Rena Max, the first EV from the Middle East. Barq explained that their e-Scooter was intentionally designed for use in the “last-mile” delivery market and aims to combat “inefficient costs and low productivity.” To do that, the scooter features state-of-the-art tech, including battery cooling regulation and an integrated software system that will regulate the temperatures in the scoot’s storage to boost the quality of deliveries. “The insulated top box includes a food safe lining, configurable shelving and integrated thermometer,” Barq said. Designed by CALLUM, the scooter will also feature an integrated eight-inch touch screen, adjustable riding modes, and an 150km range per charge. The bike will be able to hit top speeds of 97kph. Talk about a fast delivery!

The World’s Largest EV Made is Perfect for Giants

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear! The eDirtySixer on 36" rims is really really big! [DirtySixer]

If you were 7’1”, what type of EV would you choose to ride? Probably one with 36” tires. DirtySixer, founded by 6’6” David Folch, has been developing larger bikes for larger people since 2013. The company, loved by NBA legends including Lebron James and Shaquille O-Neal, recently introduced their first EV model, fittingly called the eDirtySixer. You’ve got to be leggy to ride this thing. The massive e-Bike features 36” tires, a Shimano E8000 mid-drive motor, and a 500wH battery. And did we tell you that this baby also lacks a chain? Rather, the motor is linked to the rear wheel through a Gates carbon fiber-reinforced belt drive. This makes the eDirtySixer quieter, cleaner, and more durable.

Meet the Lotus Eletre

EV SUV Eletre, the latest Lotus. Lotus has always been at the cutting edge with tech, as the first manufacturer to use glues instead of welding for their chassis, and if you recall, the first Teslas used a Lotus chassis. [Lotus]

Lotus recently unveiled their new electric “hyper” SUV dubbed the Eletre. It will be the first of a trio the company plans to release during the next four years. The Eletre, which translates to “coming to life,” can skyrocket from 0 to 60mph in just under three seconds and has 373 miles worth of range on a full charge. The SUV is “future proofed” with hardware that can be controlled via over-the-air software updates to enhance its driver assistance system. Lotus also plans to have four light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors “deploy” when needed. When not in use, the sensors will be tucked away at the top of the windscreen, rear glass, and front wheel arches. These sensors enable the vehicle to enter and exit parking spaces through a smartphone app.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: Mar 26, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! So how about those soaring gas prices? Yah, we don’t want to talk about them either. What we’d rather chat about is this week’s hot EV topics. With tons of new electric releases from leading luxury brands, a new plant that will support US battery production, and more, the first week of spring really packs an electrified punch. As always, drop us a line at if you see anything you’d like us to cover. Let’s roll.

  e-Bike Sales Are Surging

Remember how we said we didn’t want to discuss gas prices? We lied. The dramatic spike in gas prices has caused an epic explosion of e-Bike sales. Many e-Bike manufacturers, including Pedego Electric and VanMoof, have experienced record high sales for the last several weeks. EV sharing companies are also seeing an increasing demand for their services.

Michigan is Getting a Graphite Processing Factory

Graphex Group, a volume producer of spherical graphite for lithium-ion battery anodes, just entered into an exclusive non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) to form a joint venture with Emerald Energy Solutions to build and operate a graphite processing plant in Warren, Michigan. The 150,000 square-foot factory will bring about 125 new jobs to the region and help support America’s EV battery production. Currently, the majority of graphite is being produced in China. Bringing the process and refinement of graphite to home soil is expected to alleviate supply chain issues.

New EV Releases from Leading Luxury Brands

Audi, Maserati, and Porsche, oh my! This week, tons of luxury brands unveiled new electric cars. Including:

The Audi A6 e-Tron. [Audi]
Audi showcased its new A6 e-Tron concept at the Shanghai Auto Show. The car is a sneak peek of a new family of EVs built on a fresh EV platform co-developed by Porsche. Called the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), the platform will support midsized SUVs and sedans. The A6 concept features a 100kWh battery with a range of 435 miles. The car is promised to produce 469 ponies and 590 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Maserati GranTurismo concept - will they be the first luxury car brand to offer a 100% EV? [Maserati]
Maserati released new details about its electrified future this week during its earnings report. The company stated that they are on the path to being the first luxury brand to launch a 100% electric sports car. Dubbed the GranTurismo, the car will come to market next year and offer 1,200hp from three electric motors. The company aims to produce 100% electric versions of all their models by 2025.

Porsche's electric concept 718, which won't need so much air ducting...[Porsche]
Porsche is planning to bring an electric 718 to market in 2025, as well as an all-electric Macan.

Spooky pix in place of details: the BMW iX1 electric SUV. [BMW]
BMW recently dropped a teaser image of their iX1 electric SUV, which will debut later this year. The vehicle is built on the FAAR platform and will offer 272 miles worth of range.


Is Can-Am Returning to Two Wheels?

Can Am, how we missed you, but did see your trikes. The patent office is a great place for picking up vehicle activity... [Can Am]
Powersports giant, Can-Am, recently dropped new patents for an electric roadster and trailbike, as well as outlines for a retro model and cruiser. The patent shows a tubular frame housing the battery pack. Unlike the LiveWire platform, this one can be rotated to accommodate different configurations.

Note the abbreviated frame around the battery pack, and controllers up top, and a motor behind the batteries. [Can Am]

Washington Aims to Ban All Gas Cars

Washington – the state where we attempted to host Electric Revolution Live – just passed a bill to require all new light vehicles sold in the state to be electric. This will start with the 2030 model year. If passed, the bill would make exceptions for emergency vehicles and those weighing over 10,000 pounds.

Toyota Wants to Bring Charging Stations to the Masses

Toyota is partnering with Chargepoint to install EV charging stations in public places and residential homes. The at-home charging stations will come with a 23-foot cord and be able to charge a RAV4 Prime nine times faster than a standard outlet.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.

The Current News: March 17, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! We hope you weren’t that jostled by turning your clocks forward this past Sunday. Here at The Vintagent, we truly appreciate the extra hour of daylight. We’re also pretty amped up about this week’s EV news roundup. From an electrified vintage-inspired Ford Mustang to an EV that can support people moving to the moon, here are the EV stories that grabbed our attention this week. If you see a story you think we should cover, hit us up at Let’s roll.

The OG EV Gets a Makeover

The FLEX lunar rover on test in Death Valley. [Astrolab]

Remember the Tardigrade lunar motorcycle? Well, here’s another EV aimed at the moon. Way back in 1969 when humans first landed on the moon, we relied on an electric lunar rover to navigate the uncharted terrain. This week, Cali-based startup Astrolab revealed its ‘flexible logistics and exploration’ (FLEX) lunar rover. Designed to support people inhabiting the moon and Mars, FLEX is intended to carry both passengers and cargo and open the door to next-gen planetary exploration. While previous rovers were developed to carry a specific payload, FLEX will be built around a modular payload interface that supports intermodal transportation. The vehicle features a removable deck that holds two standing passengers, a deck equipped to carry 3m³ of cargo, hazard detection sensors, and wheels developed for soft soil.

The company recently tested a full-scale prototype in the California desert near Death Valley. Former astronaut Chris Hadfield was in the driver’s seat. Despite tackling earthly terrain like a champ, Astrolab needs to get its EV moon-ready with the hopes of using it in NASA’s Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) project, which will make lunar rovers for future Artemis landings. In order to do this, FLEX needs to meet anticipated NASA requirements, including the ability to run for an eight-hour moonwalk, be able to operate for 10 years, and survive frigid lunar nights. We’d love to see thicker sidewalls so it can better absorb impacts from lunar rocks and exoplanet obstacles. And maybe adjustable solar arrays to keep it juiced.

The Classic Mustang Reimagined

The new EV Mustang conversion by Charging Cars, with 536hp. [Charging Cars]

What’s more American than apple pie? The Ford Mustang. However, British engineers at Charging Cars are reimagining American muscle with an electric, zero-emissions Ford Mustang. Inspired by the 1967 classic, the company will only have 499 of the EVs available for reservation. Developed in partnership with Arrival, the electric sportscar features a 64kWh battery that powers two motors and churns out 536 ponies and 1,061 lb.-ft. of torque. Better yet, this electric powerhouse will go from 0 to 100 in less than four seconds. Whoa.

Alpha Motor Drops Its ACE Electric Coupe Series

The Ace electric coupe range by SoCal company Alpha Motor: from standard to super sports. [Alpha Motor]
Alpha Motor, an EV manufacturer based in Irvine, California, recently dropped its new ACE electric coupe series. The new series features three distinct models, including the ACE, ACE performance edition, and the SUPER ACE. All models will be built on the company’s mechanically adjustable vehicle platform. For its new series, Alpha has partnered with AMP to outfit its vehicles with an ‘energy ecosystem.’ The system includes eCloud, charging stations, and a battery management system. The AMP ecosystem is connected to the cloud, allowing for AI-powered battery analytics. One of the most unique aspects of the AMP energy ecosystem is its super compact energy management unit, which dramatically reduces the cost of vehicle power electronics by reducing the component count and size by up to 70% of the industry average.

Honbike Releases a Driveshaft e-Bike

The Honbike eschews a chain or belt in favor of a driveshaft. [Honbike]
Japanese company Honbike recently released a futuristic folding e-Bike with a driveshaft. Ideal for urbanites, the driveshaft transmission allows for no maintenance for up to 25,000 miles. The motor packs 250W of power and tops out at 15.5mph. Best of all, the foldable design fits under just about any desk.  Bicycles with shaft drive have been around since the turn of the Century, with Pierce bicycles the best known; the same company as Pierce-Arrow cars and Pierce motorcycles, which also used shaft drive.

Big News from Super73

Super73 is going gangbusters, here with an Indian-branded version of their popular ebike. [Super 73]
Indian recently aligned with e-Bike manufacturer Super73 to release the eFTR Hooligan 1.2. The e-Bike, priced at $3,999, has moto-styled bars, inverted front forks, an LED headlight, and the distinct gold Indian Motorcycle chain. The eFTR promises top speeds of 20mph on throttle operation. The bike will reach 28mph with the pedals. This allows for non-motorcycle-license carriers to legally ride the bike. The 960Wh battery delivers 75 miles worth of range.

The new Super73 C1-X is the company's first motorcycle. It's small, with 15" wheels, so is not much bigger than their current ebike range, but will offer much more performance. [Super73]
More and bigger news from Super73 is the introduction of their first proper motorcycle, the C1-X.  With 15" wheels and a short wheelbase, the overall dimensions are similar to the standard Super73 ebike, but the C1-X has no pedals, and proper motorcycle suspension.  It will undoubtedly have real motorcycle power, as the swingarm and forks look substantial.  Framing a motorcycle with the same dimensions as their ebikes is a smart move, making a transition from pedelec to full eMoto less daunting, and the standard Super73 models the perfect gateway drug to motorcycling.  We approve!



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she's not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


The Current News: March 9, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Can you believe that spring is only 10 days away? We sure are ready for longer days and warmer weather. If you’re looking for more good news, you’re in luck! This week’s EV roundup includes exciting new releases from Volkswagen, Ferrari, and Yamaha. Better yet, wireless charging stations might be closer than we thought! As always, drop us a line at if you’ve seen any EV stories you’d like us to cover. Let’s roll.

Hong Kong's Felo Ready to Go

The Felo Fw-06 DX is a new style e-Scooter with aggressive styling and an in-wheel rear motor. [Felo]

Felo-EV is a new Hong Kong-based electric motorcycle brand, with some innovative 'crossover' offerings.  That means they're mixing scooter X dirtbike X Transformers for some pretty cool model styles.  Seems like their model list hasn't hit the West yet, but in Hong Kong, and certainly China, there's an enormous market waiting.

Volvo to Test Wireless EV Taxi Charging Stations

Will the new Volvo EVs using inductive charge stations?. [Volvo]
In a world that demands convenience and lightning-fast results, wireless EV charging stations are a concept that drivers dream of. Why make the extra effort to plug in your e-Bike or car when you could just park it over a battery juicer in your driveway? Thankfully, Volvo is helping this technology gain traction. The German automaker will be testing wireless charging stations for its small fleet of EV taxis over the next three years. Volvo will use wireless induction charging pads developed by Momentum Dynamics that are installed directly into the pavement. When a compatible EV parks over the pad, charging will start automatically. Volvo plans to have its taxis work 12 hours a day and cover around 60,000 miles annually. Their goal for the current tests is to understand the durability of the system for commercial vehicles.

 Ferrari is Entering the EV Realm

The new Ferrari: finally faster than a Tesla? [Ferrari]
Ferrari will soon be a part of the electric revolution with its 296 GTB Hybrid sports car. The vehicle will be the luxury automaker’s first V6-powered road car and also one of its first hybrids. The 296 is promised to crank out 818 ponies when you enhance the internal-combustion engine with an electric motor. While deliveries aren’t expected until the summer, you can still order yours now.

The VW Brings Back Its Iconic Bus, but with an Electric Twist

The VW bus reboot is all-electric and super cool. [VW]

Volkswagen dropped some exciting news this week with the revival of its iconic Bus. The reborn Bus, dubbed the ID.Buzz, will be built on the same platform as the company’s other electric vehicles. The ID.Buzz will produce 229 lb.-ft. of torque and 201hp. The 82kWh lithium-ion Battery pack promises 77kwH of use. If you want to enjoy a lazy drive down to the beach for some surfboarding, the ID.Buzz is certainly ideal, as it will reach top speeds of only 90mph.

Yamaha Drops New e-Bikes

Yamaha's comprehensive fleet of e-bikes: still no superbike though. [Yamaha]
Earlier this week, Yamaha announced that it will soon be bringing its three own-label e-Bikes to market. The bikes will cover all urban, gravel, and mountain segments and will be available for purchase by the end of the year. While Yamaha has been an innovator in the EV space since it first introduced its Power Assist System (PAS), which formed the foundation for the world’s first production e-Bike way back in the 90s, the company is breaking down new barriers with its new “Switch ON” campaign where it revealed an additional six new EVs. The new lineup includes e-Bikes and e-Scooters in the 50cc to 125cc equivalent class.

Aston Martin’s New EV Development Deal

The new Aston Martin X Britishvolt collab promises the Valhalla will be their first EV effort. [Aston Martin]
On Monday, Aston Martin announced that it had entered into a partnership with UK-firm, Britishvolt, to develop new battery and EV tech. This will help Aston make the pivot to EVs in the next several years, including the 2024 release of its first plug-in hybrid car, the Valhalla, and the 2025 release of its first EV.

Tesla Gets the Go-Ahead

Tesla received environmental approval from the Brandenburg, Germany government for its Giga Berlin plant. The plant, which will be Tesla’s first in Europe, is expected to make up to 500,000 EVs annually.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor of The Current vertical on, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.  Her Instagram is here.

The Current News: March 3, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Can you believe it’s already March? Time flies like and e-Moto on full throttle…This week’s EV news roundup includes two weirdly wonderful tricycle concepts, an electric Meyers Manx, fresh funds, and how some awesome folks oversees are showing their support for Ukraine via EV charging stations. As always, drop us a line at if you see something we should cover. Let’s roll.


Showing Support for Ukraine

There's a war going on.  Sadly, there's always a war going on, somewhere, and for most of the West, wars in the Middle East and Africa are sadly normalized in the media, and paid little attention.  War is always a tragedy, and a failure of our humanity.  We support the cessation of all warlike activities by all parties in all countries.  This week, Russia's attack on Ukraine is dominating the news: this isn't the space to dive into the complex history behind this invasion.  We uncategorically support the Ukranian people in their hour of suffering and bravery.   Several EV companies are taking direct action to support the Ukraninan people: Tesla is offering free power from their Supercharging stations for all EVs around Ukraine. This could help at least some people flee dangerous locations. Other Ukraine advocates are showing their support in more creative ways: earlier this week, some Russian EV charging stations were hacked to show a message reading “Slava Ukraini!” on their screens. This reportedly translates to “Glory to Ukraine!” Other stations are also displaying messages that support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.  Small gestures that do not replace or repair lives, but who knows how or who they might help?


Wacky, Wonderful EV Tricycles

The Arcimoto has a laid-back stance and looks seriously cool with its disc wheels [Arcimoto]
Two fascinating new EVs that caught our attention this week are both tricycles.

Oregon-based startup Arcimoto dropped an awesome new full-suspension, three-wheeled EV this week dubbed the Mean Lean Machine (MLM). Harnessing tilting tech to corner like a two-wheeler, the MLM’s other specs, including range, features, and pricing, will be unveiled later this year.

Taito is an upgrade on the standup scooter with a wooden step and cool tech. [Taito]
Developed to be the more “grown-up” alternative to scooters and hoverboards, TAITO is a sleek three-wheeled EV that can conquer roads, sidewalks, gravel, and even cobblestone. Featuring an IP55 water-resistant construction, an 18.6-mile range, an innovative shock-absorbing bamboo platform, and supreme stability, this scooter is perfect for urban commuters who want to glide around town in style.


Tiny, But Mighty

Bolstering the new vehicle category of ultralight but fast off/road quasi-legal e-Bikes. [Revx]
The REVX is a sprightly, little e-Motorcycle that caters to both novice and performance riders. With a barely-there body weighing just 114 pounds, the REVX can reach max speeds of 60 to 90km/h and is powered by a lithium-ion 54v battery that offers 100km of range.


First New Meyers Manx Vehicle Under New Ownership Will Be Electric

The original Meyers Manx design, upgragded with some tasty/racy mag wheels, from the 1968 film 'The Thomas Crown Affair', with Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen [Michael Ochs archive]
Many of you may know the Meyers Manx by its more generic name, as the original 'dune buggy'. The marque is now owned by Philip Sarophim, who Vintagent fans will know as the contributor of Big Oly to ADV:Overland and the Lancia Stratos HF Zero to Silver Shotgun, both exhibits curated by Paul d'Orléans at the Petersen Museum.  Meyers Manx is planning a partnership with battery-coating company, Coreshell, to develop a 240hp, big-range EV,  going above and beyond to ensure the new vehicle mimics the look and performance original Meyers Manx. They started the design process by digitizing the original buggy and uploading it onto a computer to closely scrutinize it from every angle, including the width and wheelbase. Then they took a long look at the electrical components to see where they would all seamlessly fit. We have seen some sneak peek concepts that we sadly can't share, but suffice to say, we can’t wait to see what emerges.


Polestar Aims to Develop Climate-Neutral Cars

Can an automobile be truly carbon-neutral? Let's see what Polestar comes up with. [Polestar]
Polestar announced earlier this week that it would be working with suppliers to develop new manufacturing processes that would result in climate-neutral vehicles. The project, called Polestar 0 Project, could completely eliminate emissions from the supply chain.  "Norwegian aluminum and renewable energy company Hydro intends to collaborate with Polestar’s experts on zero-carbon aluminum, while automotive systems supplier ZF intends to explore with Polestar how their innovation in electric powertrain and overall systems competence could eliminate carbon emissions and save resources," the company stated.


Fresh Funds

The all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning is expected to be their best-seller EV. [Ford]
Automaker Ford just boosted its EV spending to $50 billion.  In shades of the Harley-Davidson/LiveWire split, Ford will establish a separate EV brand as a unique entity distinct from its legacy combustion engine company. Ford plans to develop more than two million EVs by 2026.

Rideshare standup scooter company Beam gets a cash injection: this is their Saturn scoot. [Beam]
Singapore-based startup Beam secured $93 million in funding to further develop its fifth-gen e-Scooters and expand into new markets across Asia.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor of The Current vertical on, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.  Her Instagram is here.


The Current News: Feb 24, 2022

Hello dear readers and riders! Did you know that spring is less than a month away? For many of us, longer daylight hours and milder temperatures mean more time at the handlebars. In other awesome news, the last week of February was stuffed with plenty of electrifying stories. From e-Bikes that cater to cycling enthusiasts to an EV making a big splash in the boating industry, here are the EV news stories that matter most to you.  As always, if you see something that deserves our attention, drop us a line at  Let’s roll.

Three e-Bike Models Perfect for Cycling Enthusiasts

The Rebeld street racer with a little electric kick. [Rebelde]
If you’re an avid cycler who’s on the hunt for an e-Bike that can truly go the distance, look no further than the three e-Bike models designed by Pablo Baranoff Dorn and Rebeld. The series, including the ‘FIXIE,’ ‘MTB,’ and ‘URBAN’ models, were developed with cycling enthusiasts in mind, including urban commuters and off-road adventurers. All of the models are built on the Shimano Steps e8000 frame but feature their own distinct design and amenities.


Electric Hydrofoil Boat’s Maiden Voyage Makes Waves for the Future of Boating

A badass electric hydrofoil pleasure boat. [Candela]

Almost a year and a half after development, Swedish watercraft manufacturer, Candela, dropped a video of the maiden voyage of its C-8 electric hydrofoil boat. Silently and smoothly moving above the water’s surface on computer-guided underwater wings, the vessel successfully completed its first flight outside the company’s headquarters in Lidingö, Stockholm.  The C8 uses 80% less energy than traditional boats. Merging aircraft technology with cutting-edge software, the C8 can lift itself above the water’s surface after reaching speeds of 16 knots, or 18.4mph. And the electric direct-drive means no noise, no oil changes, and no maintenance.

Z-Triton Drops an Electric Camper, Boat, and Trike Fusion

Just when we thought EV concepts couldn’t get any wilder, Latvian design and prototyping company, Zeltini, released a market-ready amphibious trike-camper vehicle that truly blew our minds. The EV has room to sleep and ride two and features integrated solar roof panels with a lithium-ion battery pack, an electric boat motor with cabin steering, two days worth of range, and even a spot for your favorite houseplant.  It's an extraordinary machine - have a look at the video!


The Axiis Liion Electric Supermoto Inches Closer to Production

Almost ready for the road...the Axiis. [Axiis]
Portuguese Axiis Engineering Art, known in the motocross world for its superior CNC machined products, unveiled a mind-boggling concept electric superbike dubbed the Liion that promised to crank out 134 ponies and 177 lb.-ft. of instantaneous torque. However, after an exciting initial debut, the Liion seemingly slipped off the radar. Until now. While the Axiis Liion isn’t available just yet, the company has made its concept a reality. While the real-world details have yet to be revealed, we’re excited to see this design come to life.


A Steampunk-Inspired Wooden e-Scooter

A woodie hybrid e-scooter [Kalpa Taru]
What’s more eco-friendly than an EV? An EV made from wood. The custom one-off-built e-Scooter from Kalpa Taru, a Bali-based bespoke furniture design studio, is called the NIU NQi GT/S and is made entirely from brass and wood. Every component of this scooter is made entirely by hand from blocks of wood that were thoughtfully finished, assembled, and topped off with brass accents.


Electric Motorcycle with Top Speeds of 250mph

A 250mph street legal Lightning? Don't count them out, they've proven themselves over and over again. [Lightning]
Here’s one for all of you speed demons out there. Lightning Motorcycles recently joined forces with CBMM to create the fastest production motorcycle on earth. The targeted speed is 250mph. Lightning has been the world's fastest production motorcycle before, with their LS-218 of 2008, which definitively proved its top speed claim at Bonneville...quite unlike the usual top speed claims by manufacturers.  And, they kicked butt at the Pikes Peak hillclimb with an LS-2018 in 2013.  So, if Lightning says it will make a 250mph street legal motorcycle, I'd say that's very likely.  The question is, will you actually be able to buy one?  [And if you want a look at the LS-218, one was included in our Electric Revolution exhibit of 2019]



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor of The Current vertical on, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.  Her Instagram is here.